SPW Labs' Furlin

CryptoKitties recently launched the KittyVerse, an extended realm of CryptoKitties for community members to develop third party apps and features to enhance the game. As a thank you to the initial developers who previously made contributions to the game before the KittyVerse launch, the CryptoKitties team gifted exclusive CryptoKitties called Furlins to each developer. At the current time, only 50 Furlins have been created.

We're a small, unfunded team who enjoys creating crypto products to move the space forward. In light of this, we've decided to part ways with one of our two Furlins (Furlin #141) by putting it up for auction -- we're confident it'll find a good home! This isn't just any exclusive Furlin. It's THE Furlin that represents our contribution to the KittyVerse with CryptoGoods, one of the most well known NFT dapps to date.

Beyond owning a special Furlin that represents something our team is immensely proud of, purchasing this one-of-a-kind Kitty comes with a few exclusive perks listed below. Lastly, this Kitty comes with a verifiable certificate of authenticity as an embedded message in a signed transaction from the SPW labs team. It reads:

CryptoKitty #141, an exclusive Furlin only given to KittyVerse devs, was initially granted to SPW Labs, the team behind CryptoGoods and NIFTYgallery. The Furlin was minted by the CryptoKitties smart contract and then transferred to a CryptoKitties team member at the address 0x60cdD9Cf3571e8298f5788cAAaE1aC54973c4bC8 for distribution to developers in the KittyVerse. Sequential owners at the addresses 0x294b2527eCdB466Ec005387059Cc9c20d86cB264 and 0xd77d3510cb59ef0c18e51c174611e05fa4c0a8c7 correspond to SPW Labs founders. This authentic Furlin represents our contributions to the KittyVerse ecosystem for CryptoGoods, one of the most well known NFT dapps created to date (July 2018)

Perks of purchasing this Furlin

😮 Own a super rare CryptoKitty that represents a significant moment in the early days of cryptocollectibles
👥 Get a 30 minute meeting with the SPW Labs team for feedback on your own project or to talk NFTs/crypto
👕 Get one free item from CryptoGoods
🏆 Get a lifetime pro membership on NIFTYgallery

You can claim these items after winning the auction by reaching out to us at hi@cryptogoods.co. Of course we'll ask you to prove ownership too.

About the auction

We're auctioning it off on Rare Bits, a top marketplace to buy and sell cryptogoods. The auction is a descending price auction that will start at 24 ETH and descend down to 12 ETH if it's not purchased before then. It'll last for 7 days.

For comparison, other Furlins have sold for 10 ETH and others are currently on auction for as much as 124 ETH 🤷‍

Like most things we do, this is an experiment for a larger product idea :)